Hayfisher has Outside Broadcast facilities to suit every production, from small presentation projects to major live events. We have industry standard kit including VT, slomo, GFX, edit and special cameras along with the supply of support peripherals such as generators, uplink, and rig vehicles. We work with major all production partners.

Each production is supported and run by our team of  trained and experienced staff alongside reliable Freelancers.

For times when a truck isn’t suitable, we offer portable and flyaway solutions. These are scalable for any size of event and we have extensive experience in shipping them globally to every continent. We work hard to ensure the service you receive regardless of location remains to the same high quality and reliable standard.


We have extensive knowledge of wireless camera systems, allowing us to deploy multiple full-sized RF cameras and broadcast quality mini cameras at various frequency spectrums. Our experience allows us to use these over vast areas or fit them to mobile platforms such as race cars in long distance events whilst adhering to all necessary safety precautions. We have an dedicated team of specialist technicians who can install a camera in even the most challenging of conditions.  

We can provide a comprehensive solution from any location in the world, regularly working with satellite uplink and online streaming partners. 

Our post production facility supplements our live production systems as well as operating in its own right. Fixed edit suites and mobile options along with voice over booth, remote commentary facility and digital upload over dedicated fiber are all available. Edits can be produced on site for same day distribution, or after the event in our post production facilities. These broadcast professional packages can include graphics, titles and voice over, and can be delivered in any format to any broadcast outlet globally.

Motorsport is our speciality – In an average year, we provide over 250 hours of live television to 100+ global broadcasters and a further 150 hours to online digital channels. 

We know trust and reliability are the key to Live television. We take a redundant approach to our technical solution, as well as carrying hot spares and quick fail safes to ensure we deliver the highest calibre service.